Semester 1 2014 – done

And with the final EDC3100 assignment submitted that brings my semester to a close. I must admit that EDC3100 has been the most challenging course I’ve ever undertaken. This was probably not due to the assignments themselves but the workload and the Professional Experience requirement (PE especially presented much soul-searching and unanticipated challenges). I have though taken a lot from the whole course and surrounding experiences that I will not forget and for these I am grateful. I do not believe I will be using my blog again but at the recommendation of my course moderator will leave it online for other students should they find anything of interest.


Assignment 3 – done

Last day to submit without an approved extension for Assignment 3 and mine is finally submitted. I really don’t like having to use the last day for assignment work but in this case it could not be avoided due to other courses.

Some tips for others that helped me:

  • SAMR model was used repeatedly
  • CLEM framework helped
  • Going back to earlier weeks in the learning path reminded me of a lot
  • Not enough room to go too in-depth in Part D due to 1500 word limit
  • Assignment 3 forum was good as a last resort

Assignment 3 and the models, frameworks and theories explored in EDC3100

I am quite grateful that I kept on top of the learning path activities this semester. Firstly because I’m not too overwhelmed with a massive workload right now and can put my sole focus onto my last assignment. And secondly because this post in particular is one I’ve been able to refer back to regularly throughout the process of completing my assignment in meeting its theoretical requirements.

In the case that my understanding of the theories may have been incorrect, I’ve also been checking out others’ blogs and the relevant forum to see them from a different perspective which has been really helpful any time I’ve had mind blanks.

Assignment 3 and the last week’s Learning Path

So much like the rest of the EDC3100ers I’m sure, I’ve been very busy these past few days trying to nail the remaining part(s) of Assignment 3. I just thought I’d echo Rachel‘s comments about how helpful the final week’s learning path has been in guiding my writing for any students who may not have had a chance to look through it yet. Even though I am still a number of hours away from completion, I have found it especially useful for Part D. Useful too has been the Part D template available on StudyDesk in keeping my writing focused on task.

Assignment 2 – mark received

I have found for the first time since beginning the teaching degree that I get a bit concerned while I’m waiting on my marks for ICT assignments. Depending on which day you catch me, this could be a good or a bad thing, but I definitely felt a bit ‘hard done by’ to receive my marks back 5 days late for Assignment 2 after submitting it 2 weeks before the original due date (3 weeks prior to the revised due date).

I understand there were some complications on the University’s side which is fine, and when I did get my mark I wasn’t TOO disappointed, just a little. A HD (or even an A) is out of my grasp for EDC3100 which is never a good feeling so I’ll have to aim for a credit with my final assignment, but I certainly won’t be giving it any less than my all.


I couldn’t believe my luck when I was given the unit on ‘maps‘ to teach as my first group of lessons. It lends itself to the possibility of incorporating ICTs extremely well.

Firstly, Bee Bots are particularly useful in teaching how to navigate maps using positional language. I’ve seen these things used before but it was awesome to be able to use them along with the students and explore and enjoy the technology together.

Bird’s eye view is another important concept to understand when talking about mapping, and digital cameras are great for this purpose as the students can take photos of different objects/models etc from different angles and share them with each other.

There are also a number of online resources/games for teaching about navigation that I located through simple Google and Scootle searches.

Some reflections on prac

More than anything else, there is one single thing that I have taken from my prac placement so far and it is one that I cannot be more thankful for; I now know exactly the type of teacher I want to be.

Prior to this placement, much like the rest of my EDC3100 peers I had done a lot of theorising around the topic, but personally I had not tested this theory in a formal school setting.  I feel that the mentor teacher I was placed with was equally as important to my discovery as the students themselves.

It seems my personal philosophy and the philosophy of the early childhood context in which I work and study is infinitely different to that of the broader state primary school system (of course there are always exceptions).  I’m still getting my head around it all but I think doing something like writing a letter to myself that I could refer back to, and taking stock regularly is a great idea.